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From concept to post-launch analytics, we design, develop and support professional websites and applications for todays (and tomorrow’s) web, desktop, tablet and mobile audiences.

web design and web application development

We have had many years of success building brand websites, ecommerce websites, custom intranet applications, desktop apps and even massive integration projects linking together corporate data systems. We’ve developed a few products for clients and for ourselves. We’ve worked in many verticals (Manufacturing, Education, Retail and Food Service to name a few) and every day we work to bridge the gap between marketing and technical agendas, bringing both together towards a common goal. We will respect your brand as well as your corporate IT standards and procedures. We know what it means to follow protocols, plan for security, scalability and failover while all-the-while following a brand style guide.

We're often engaged to execute an entire project, from strategy to shutdown. Sometimes we are tapped to augment an existing team with an existing vision which needs some perspective and some constructive criticism. On other occasions, clients come to us to architect a project for their own internal teams to develop. We like to be flexible and scalable and we’re always ready to challenge ideas (yours or ours) to make them better.

mobile app development

We build custom apps for iPhone and Android platforms. Sometimes they take the form of tools for consumer or corporate use while others are more about a brand.

internet marketing

No single marketing channel can meet all your needs – you need an online marketing partner who can assess a variety of web marketing tactics, work to implement those that support your objectives, and help you measure the ROI of each internet marketing initiative. clevermethod’s online marketing consultants have expertise in a variety of internet marketing strategies. We can manage your comprehensive digital marketing program, or support your team to implement specific online campaigns.

online promotions
From simple online sweepstakes to highly creative integrated promotions, our team of designers, developers and online marketing consultants can help you design an effective promotion. Promotion design should be driven by your marketing objectives, with key performance metrics identified as step one. Learn more about cleverpromo, a cost-effective approach to launching online promotions.

email campaigns
Let our email experts guide your email marketing strategy. We can help you design effective emails, select the best mailing tools for your strategy and budget, grow your mailing list, and send mailings with an eye on maximum deliverability and compliance. Learn more about our Email Marketing services here.

search engine optimization
86% of consumers say search engines are very important in the buying process. Optimizing your website for organic search is an important step, as is taking advantages of all other opportunities to boost your search visibility. At clevermethod we incorporate SEO best practices into the design of each site we launch. Our analysts can also perform a full SEO audit to help you improve search performance through the addition of keyword-rich content, social media content, optimized site tagging and other means.

social media engagement
Social marketing is here to stay, but most companies aren’t sure where to begin. Depending on what social media strategy best supports your marketing objectives, clevermethod can help you with initiatives such as establishing a Facebook or twitter presence, launching your blog, or incorporating user-generated content into your site. Hand-in-hand with any social marketing effort, we establish analytics to measure the contribution of social activity.

content strategy
Effective web content should speak to your target audience, drive SEO, support an intuitive user experience - and most of all, motivate conversion on your web site. Enlist our expertise in usability, SEO, web analytics and online competitive research to help you craft a content strategy that will bring results.

“Our experience with clevermethod has been awesome! From the discovery process to launching our new site, they have exceeded our expectations. We are amazed at how well they understand our business. And, it didn’t stop there… our relationship is ongoing! Thanks to their analytics group, we now tag and track all of our online ads, meeting quarterly to review the results.”

Tim Cutler, Business Manager

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